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  • Yes or No: Is There an External World?

    Yes or No: Is There an External World?

    As the title suggests, as of recent, I was pressured into giving a categorical answer to what I deem to be a false dichotomy, for reasons that I shall elaborate later. The question was raised by an acquaintance who grew frustrated with my responses when there was an exchange of metaphysical views between us, which…

  • Breath by Breath

    Breath by Breath

    Being in the world, this world, is an undeniable reality for each and every one of us. For without it, I wouldn’t be writing; nor you, reading; or anybody else who potentially comes across this essay (no matter how remotely). Each of us living, having lived; breathing, having breathed. Thinking and tinkering about the days…

  • Phenomenological Reflection – On Life

    Phenomenological Reflection – On Life

    Before I start sharing on my reflection, I’d like to warn you as a reader that this essay is first and foremost written for myself, as something sort of a journal. (P.S. I have done some restructuring and inserted a few paragraphs on the existentialist perspective as a bridge for this post to be less…