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Yes or No: Is There an External World?

As the title suggests, as of recent, I was pressured into giving a categorical answer to what I deem to be a false dichotomy, for reasons that I shall elaborate later. The question was raised by an acquaintance who grew frustrated with my responses when there was an exchange of metaphysical views between us, which…

Breath by Breath

Being in the world, this world, is an undeniable reality for each and every one of us. For without it, I wouldn’t be writing; nor you, reading; or anybody else who potentially comes across this essay (no matter how remotely). Each of us living, having lived; breathing, having breathed. Thinking and tinkering about the days…

Philosophical Traditions of the East

Truth be told, I had planned to write about the major differences between Eastern and Western philosophy until I realised from my own reading of Indian philosophy and existentialism that there are no unifying essences in either case (Eastern or Western). Of course, there have always been major differences in characteristics between Eastern and Western…


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