Samma Vihara

Whenever one encounters the Buddha’s teachings, most of what one will get is a constant emphasis on virtue. This can be quite threatening to one’s life since most people begin the practice non-virtuous, and one’s entire lifestyle depends upon non-virtue. While people may have a sense of right and wrong, there is uncertainty regarding it. Our sense of right and wrong is rooted in our upbringing and ultimately converges upon how things make us feel. If things make us feel good, they’re right. If things make us feel bad, they’re wrong.

Yet, for people with some level of perspective (i.e wisdom), they know, inherently, that some acts are more wrong than others. Acts such as killing, stealing, and lying are known to most people as wrong. Doesn’t matter how someone makes us feel, people know that killing that person is not the right thing to do. There is…

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